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Boxit is a manufacturer and seller of Plantable Paper (also known as seed paper) products. Our seeded products can be planted and grows into flowers, Plants, trees, & vegetables. It is known as Boxit Green dream project.

This eco-friendly hand made Bio-degradable & Plant able paper is made from post consumer waste including used newspaper, office used/wastes paper, textile wastes, cotton and other post-consumer wastes. So we trying to make this earth and earthly paradise by fulfilling the promise to follow 3 R’s (Recycle, Reduce & Reuse) in our products.

If you are a corporate and looking for eco-friendly customized products, your have found the perfect partner.

What Is Plantable Paper

It is a handmade paper which grows into a plant when planted in the soil. Plantable Paper is made from Pre-Consumed cotton & Paper material and is embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the pre-consumed cotton & Paper material decomposes itself in the soil and the seeds start germinating.

How It Works

Step 1: Tear the paper into small pieces and plant these into 1 inch deep soil.

Step 2: Make sure for regular sufficient water but with care. Lighter shower is preferable

Step 3: Place somewhere in lighter sunlight or in shadow for 10~20 days.

Step 4: The Plant is ready.

Why Plantable Products

Main source of Toxic waste in our environment is plastic shopping bag. Boxit Plant-able & Bio-degradable shopping bag is the best substitute to make earth clean & green.

These exquisite ecofriendly shopping bags are available in different Sizes, Textures & styles. Each bag is embedded with 100% organic Seeds. So these bags can be planted and grown into plants, trees, Flowers & Vegetables. So in a fun way you are making this earth clean & green. These bags are also very helpful to enhance your sale.

If you are into sustainability and preserving the environment, you’ve found the perfect corporate social responsibility partner!

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Our Products

  • Shopping Bags
  • Business/Visiting Cards
  • Envelops & Letter Head
  • Pennants (Jhandiya)
  • Calendars
  • Coasters
  • Invitation/Wedding Cards
  • Birthday & Greeting Cards
  • Price Tags & Toppers
  • Decoration Pieces
  • Ball point
  • Button Badges
  • A4 seed Papers
  • Seed Balls
  • Confetti
  • Boxes & Gift Pack
  • Note Books
  • Event Stationary
  • Belly Bands, Sleeves & Shapes

Pakistan's First Ever Plantable Paper Manufacturer

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“Many of us wonder what we can do, but history shows us that everything good and bad begins when someone decides to either do something, or not do it.”

Haroon Ali

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